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    Adguard driver problem

    I have noticed a problem with the Adguard driver. When using Firefox Nightly, BSOD errors randomly occur. I do not know if the error occurs when using the Final and Beta versions of Firefox. Windows 10 21H1 x64 Adguard 7.7 nightly 30
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    Assistant Adguard and HBO GO

    Yes, is enabling.
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    Assistant Adguard and HBO GO

    I do not know if it is only for me, but the Aguard assistant is not showing to me on the website on all versions of Firefox browsers (Final, Beta and Nightly). Unfortunately, I have to turn off Adgaurd for 30 seconds ( main icon in the tray ), because there is a problem with...
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    Firefox and HTTPS

    And on smartphones?
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    Firefox and HTTPS

    When I have adguard enabled, the authenticity of an HTTPS page cannot be verified on several HTTPS websites.
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    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    I have the same thing when I use CyberghostVPN (WireGuard protocol). I have disabled DNS in Adguard settings and it works. CyberghostVPN cannot disable their DNS, and perhaps that is a problem.
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    1 license for Android

    I have a question: How can I buy a license for 1 smartphone? I currently have a lifetime license, but only for two devices, and I bought a tablet and I want to install and activate Premium there. In my account I have the "upgrade button", but only the "personal" option is available with a...
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    Importing settings error

    Hello! I don't know if it's a program error, but when importing settings (version 7.5 Nightly 7) an error occurs and I can't import settings. I installed the final version 7.4 settings import successfully. Can you look at it
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    Adguard for Windows ans DNS

    I have a program set up OpenDNS AdGuard (DNS over HTTPS). Why do I still see the system settings of my ISP's DNS? :confused:
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    [Resolved]Adguard cert

    Yes. For now works.
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    [Resolved]False positive malware website

    I do not know if you can report it here, but the website is not harmful. Does not contain any malicious software. Adding screen.
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    [Resolved]Adguard cert

    Windows 10 1903 x64, Aguard 7.3 Nightly 25. I have stealth mode enabled and 22-filters enabled. Do you think this could be a problem? When I disable https page filtering, everything is fine. And since I have HTTPS filtering enabled, it is necessary to reinstall the Adguard certificate from time...
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    [Resolved]Adguard cert

    Why do I connect to the VPN server is when you start Firefox shows me the "Negotiation TLS" and then "Connection Timed Out"? Website HTTS work after reinstallation certificate application AdGuard. And so each time you connect to the VPN server I have to complete this task.
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    [Resolved]Adguard 7.3 Nightly 13 bug problem

    Yeah, Nightly 14 works fine. :eek::):cool::p
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    [Resolved]Adguard 7.3 Nightly 13 bug problem

    If you do not have exported settings to a file, it does not recover the old settings. You must reconfigure Adgaurd. So I have Windows 10, 1903. awarded the "silent updates" and stayed at the Nightly version 10.
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    [Resolved]Can not connect to a site

    I went to this website and it works fine.
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    Не могу установить AdGuard на планшет Пишите на русской версии форума.
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    [Resolved]Adguard 7.3 Nightly 13 bug problem

    Sorry, but I saved in the file DMP inadvertently removed.
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    [Resolved]Adguard 7.3 Nightly 13 bug problem

    After updating to this version of the program does not start. It shows an error. Name of the application causing the error: Adguard.exe version: 7.3.3005.0, time stamp: 0x5de03e31 The name of the module causing the error: KERNELBASE.dll Version: 10.0.18362.267, timestamp: 0x91664cab Exception...
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    VPN+Adguard app

    The addition could use as much as possible. As for YouTube, whether it is a technical problem? After the installation, Adguard installing the certificate.