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    Mozilla browsers do not get certificates.

    I am testing adguard again . I found out adguard blocks sites in Palemoon and Waterfox Browsers. They say the site is not secure because they do not have a certificate and do not open it . This is at sites like YouTube or Google. Do I have to Change a Setting to let the certificates pass ?
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    Renewing more expensive than buying new.

    Today I got an email in which I was told to renew my license because it would expire soon. It said renewing is cheaper than buying new. Now I found out if I renew my license I would have to pay 29,90 E for one year, If I buy new I will have to pay 19,95 or 14,95 E for one year. How can this be ?
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    AdGuard reinstall does not work 2.

    For some reasons I can not post in my old thread ( you dont have the permissions) . Thank You for the license.:o:D Now I used the MSI installer and it worked like it should.With the installer there were only 4 windows ( agree to the eula,join the community, ?? and ready ). With the msi it...
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    AdGuard reinstall does not work.

    I use the installer, download the program, click 4 time ok and the installer says it is installed. But there is nothing installed. I guess this is no accident. Once installed You can not install the program again.
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    AdGuard reinstall does not work.

    Look here : I thought this company wants to make money. Now I have to look elsewhere.
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    AdGuard reinstall does not work.

    I think buying a license would not change anything. If I can not install the program there is no place to put in the license code.Beside that I still dont know if the CPU problem is solved.
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    AdGuard reinstall does not work.

    I once used Adguard in trial and unistalled it when the 14 days where over. Now I wanted to see , if version 5.9 has solved the problem I had. But the install does not work . What can I do to install version 5.9 ?