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  1. J Does Not Fully Load with Adguard Enabled (Windows, Android)

    This is without Adguard. This is with Adguard. It used to load fine, but recently, articles became 'broken'. This is not a subscription issue. Here's link to the article, but other articles don't load as well...
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    Adguard VPN for Windows, Completely Logged Out When No Wifi Connection

    Version: Adguard VPN for Windows, version I have Adguard VPN setup to auto-launch and auto-connect when Windows boots. Usually, when I start my laptop, wifi is disconnected (wifi on, but no connection made to router). When Adguard VPN is launched with no internet connection, it...
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    [Bug] Adguard Tracking Filter in Android Prevents Posting for `` Reported! I greatly appreciate your work!
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    [Bug] Adguard Tracking Filter in Android Prevents Posting for ``

    As mentioned in title, enabling Adguard tracking filter does not allow me to post threads on `` (Korean reddit-like site) Attached files are my settings, the log created when trying to write a post, and what I see on Android (it translates to: "Please try again sometime later")...
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    Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection vs Adguard (Supercookies...)

    I was wondering if I should have Firefox's ETP on even when I have Adguard (stealth mode set to 'strict' now). Recent versions of Firefox now has features related to cookies (total cookie isolation, managing supercookies...) If what Adguard is doing with stealth mode is enough, I want to turn...
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    Android Adguard Browser Extension (Firefox Fenix) and Adguard App

    Wrong category. Is it possible to move this to Android section?
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    Android Adguard Browser Extension (Firefox Fenix) and Adguard App

    In desktop, I remember there being an 'interactive' mode where if you have Adguard for Windows, the browser extension works alongside the app. Is that also possible in Android? (Adguard Browser Extension for Firefox Fenix (through with Adguard App in Android installed)...
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    Ads in Twitch APP (Not website) Not Blocked

    Ads are inserted into app in channels such as PrimeVideo. Other independent channels are blocking ads. The app does show ads (instead of 'Commercial in Progress'). I wasn't able to screen capture it due to security policy in Android. I know there are problems in websites, but seems...
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    Ads Not Blocked: 'Bandizip'

    Do you have any specific DNS-service enabled, like AdGuard DNS? Even with HTTPS filtering enabled and Bandizip registered, nothing related to Bandizip shows up in the filtering log.
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    Ads Not Blocked: 'Bandizip'

    Application website: Settings: Adguard 7.5.2, https filtering enabled. Help would be much appreciated!
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    [Resolved] AdGuard Breaks Newly Redesigned Blitz App

    It works! Another question: If user-agent is the problem, is there a filtering rule that can allow parts of stealth mode (user-agent)? Something like this?
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    [Resolved] AdGuard Breaks Newly Redesigned Blitz App

    Hello. Thank you for the reply. However, with recent updates, Blitz changed its directory, and you can only block ads with , instead of Also, that is NOT the problem I am facing. I am able to block ads on blitz without problem. The problem is that Adguard is blocking TOO MUCH, that it makes...
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    [Resolved] AdGuard Breaks Newly Redesigned Blitz App

    Background: Blitz app ( recently undergone redesign of the entire app. Users are NOW forced to login to bring their saved settings from blitz's servers, instead of using it off-line. (It seems it is not required) Problem: With previous versions of blitz app, Adguard...
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    DNS Filters to Windows Adguard?

    In Adguard Android, DNS filtering is available (I can add manual filtering rules, and subscribe to other maintained filters...) Is there a plan to add such function in Windows version, now that DNS monitoring is implemented?
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    Compatible VPNs with Automatic HTTP Proxy Mode

    I've been thinking about rooting my phone to allow VPN+Adguard (HTTP Proxy mode) But, I don't want to do it if VPN I use is incompatible with Adguard. My choices are NordVPN or ExpressVPN. When using Automatic HTTP Proxy mode, are those VPNs compatible?
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    Should I enable 'Filter Localhost' in Advanced Settings for NordVPN?

    For some VPNs, the forum suggests that 'filter localhost' option to be enabled. So I was wondering if I should do the same for NordVPN? I found this in your github, so I currently have it disabled (default).
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    Bypassing SNI filtering with Adguard with NordVPN as outbound proxy

    Settings: Adguard 3.3.2 with NordVPN as outbound proxy server (SOCKS5, Not Obfuscated; 1080) Non-rooted Galaxy S8 Every app is managed through Adguard I live in a region where SNI filtering is conducted (South Korea) Problem: With NordVPN enabled as VPN (Adguard disabled)...
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    [Resolved]Green shield icon still present after 7.4 Beta installed

    Thanks for the reply! It works as intended! You can close the thread :) It would be more convenient if the application can detect the web browser and automate the process, though. (I have MS Edge Chromium)
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    [Resolved]Green shield icon still present after 7.4 Beta installed

    1. Updated my Adguard to 7.4 BETA for Windows. 2. Told me to download new Adguard Browser Assistant, so I did. 3. As changelog states (highlighted in image above), the green shield icon should disappear, but it doesn't (red square in image above) Any settings I should change on my end?
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    [Resolved]Firefox Detects Trackers even after Adguard Tracker Protection Enabled

    Oh, it's not about certain websites, but as in general. From Adguard Filtering Log, I see tracker A and tracker B removed and modified (orange, red), but Firefox says that it protected against the same tracker A and tracker B. It's nothing serious; I was just wondering whether Adguard stealth...