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    When I add a custom DNS over QUIC, the application closes and the configuration is not saved

    Good afternoon and thanks in advance. When I add a custom DNS over TLS, it saves correctly. I need to add a DNS over QUIC to add NextDNS. Thanks
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    Cannot resolve domain names when using AdGuard Home on Raspberry Pi??

    In the official Adguard telegram group they comment a lot about Adguard Home.
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    When I enable Adguard, the bar on the left on twitter doesn't move when scrolling.

    The bar on the left of twitter (the one that says home, explore, notifications, etc.) does not move with the scroll and stays at the top. If I deactivate Adguard, it does move with the scroll. I have not been able to fix it nor have I been able to detect the problem. Thanks
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    DNS filter?

    This option is already in the android application. Are you planning to launch it on Adguard for Windows? I thank you for the great service and program that you provide. Cheers