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    AdGuard for Android 1.0 beta version

    I've had a few connection drops and the one crash since i started testing last week which have been reported but i must say i'm very impressed at just how good this little app is,even in it's beta stage it's blocked everything i've thrown at it. Once the minor glitches are all ironed out i can...
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    Beta download url leaked

    It's been on Nsanedown for some time now,that's where i was given the link to become a Beta Tester.:o
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    OK Where is the V6 Beta LOL?

    I'm looking forward to testing out V6 i can't wait tbh as i'm having trouble finding many bugs in the V5 versions i've been testing,i actually feel guilty for having nothing to report,thankfully i've found a few minor bugs in the android version which is something i suppose.;)
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    Bugs on the new beta 5.10.1128

    I wasn't sure whether to start a new thread for this bug so i'll just put it in this thread. Basically i went to do a google search for something and the search never completed in Opera so i switched to Firefox and the same thing happened,when i disabled Adguard protection the search went...
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    AdGuard 5.10 second beta version release

    I'm also getting the "databases not loaded" bug.
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    Webroot Secure Anywhere and AdGuard

    No noticeable problems here,with adguard disabled the page load times were pretty much the same as when enabled.:)
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    AdGuard 5.10 beta version release

    I must admit i'm the same,other than the odd jump in memory use which has always rectified itself i've found nothing worthy of reporting.:)