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    Beta Version - Does it autoupdate when a new version comes out?

    Hi, I am a premium user and just upgraded to the beta version for firewall app specific permissions. My question is that does the beta version auto download new updates to the app or do I need to manually go somewhere and check if a new version of the app (not the filters) came out? Thanks
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    AdGuard 5.10 Suddenly starts consuming a lot of COPU resources

    Hi, I have a lifetime license of Adgurad 5.10.2010.6262 and am using it on a windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3 tablet with ie 11. At times Adguard suddenly starts eating up a lot of CPU resources (50-60%) and the fans kick up on my tablet & causes a lot of battery drop. The only recourse that I have...
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    AdGuard not working on xda forums & the assistant does not appear

    Adguard does not seem to be working on some of the threads that I am browsing and the adguard assistant also does not appear Please advise what to do in cases like this as I also have this...