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  1. Toni Kumpula

    How to block Google Privacy Reminder popup?

    Is there any way to disable this annoying popup which appears everytime when opening
  2. Toni Kumpula

    TIP - For all iOS users

    Looks like Apple is yet again changing how App Store works. Your previous purchases may appear as “non-purchased” on the App Store, meaning that if you previously purchased AdGuard Pro for iOS it might ask you to buy it again but you can continue to download it after verifying with Touch ID or...
  3. Toni Kumpula

    [Resolved] Very annoying pop up on

    If I hit Disagree I can’t continue to the website, and I will be forwarded to the disagreement website. Apple iPhone 8+ running iOS 12 Developer Beta 3. Enabled filters: AdGuard base filter AdGuard mobile ads filter Easy list AdGuard spyware filter Easyprivacy AdGuard social media filter...
  4. Toni Kumpula

    Status Panel goes black in Privacy Settings > Add Subscription

    Steps to repro: Open up AdGuard Pro v2.1.2 (167) beta and navigate to Privacy Settings > Add Subscription, notice how Status Panel goes black, it should stay white like it stays in other menus. Created a GitHub issue:
  5. Toni Kumpula

    [Resolved] Missed ad on Youtube homepage

    I have an Apple iPhone 8+ running iOS 12 beta 3 and the latest Adguard (free), and I tried to block the ad on Youtube homepage with no success. Enabled filters: Adguard Base Filter Adguard Simplified domain names filter