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  1. prettyclaire

    Adguard not blocking ads on Chrome 78.0.3904.70

    Using this version of Google Chrome 78.0.3904.70 Adguard lets through youtube ads, can anyone verify this for me?
  2. prettyclaire

    Youtube ads not being blocked

    It seems that with the Adguard Windows Application youtube ads are not being blocked, with the chrome extension it is blocked and shows green, but blue on other sites. Any idea why this is?
  3. prettyclaire

    Adguard and Netflix App slowdown and freezes

    It seems when I run the latest Adguard 6.3 on Windows 10, and use the Netflix Windows 10 App; it seems to freeze a lot. Can anyone reproduce this and confirm for me?
  4. prettyclaire

    [AdGuard for Windows] AdGuard 6.0 Release candidate

    Installing from scratch, with no adguard on my machine, this doesnt install correctly. If you install on its own without previous beta installed, it goes too fast and doesnt create an install in program files (86). I did run as administrator when installing as well. Any idea what could be...
  5. prettyclaire

    AdGuard 6 release date?

    Do you have any time frame for the release of 6? It is April over here now, I am just curious x
  6. prettyclaire

    AdGuard filters that automatically change with language

    If you have go to many websites that are in different languages, adguard changes to filter them, but does not remove them by default after you leave that language page. Can we have autoremove built in after it changes languages, otherwise you have to manually do this and it slows adguard...
  7. prettyclaire

    AdGuard 6 release date?

    I heard it will come out in march or near there x
  8. prettyclaire

    Firefox and syncing with https

    I tried that first time, didn't work, I had to manually install it as if it was portable. The advice to do what you asked didn't work, I did read the thread you linked to. Anyway, I got it working by looking for the root certificate and manually importing it into authorities/ certificates, or...
  9. prettyclaire

    Firefox and syncing with https

    Nope, Windows 8.1 default 64 bit install In the end i needed to follow this advice, Even though this is a brand new firefox install into windows 8.1. Maybe they...
  10. prettyclaire

    Firefox and syncing with https

    this is what i get Any ideas why?
  11. prettyclaire

    Firefox and syncing with https

    maybe that should be added to the internal whitelist perhaps?
  12. prettyclaire

    Firefox and syncing with https

    It doesnt even let me get into anything, when you try to first sync, it blocks it. Turn it off, and it works, very weird
  13. prettyclaire

    Firefox and syncing with https

    I have noticed the certificate that you use for ssl and https doesn't seem to work with firefox stable 32.02. It seems to work fine in google chrome, so I wonder if it is a mozilla certificate security thing? Can anyone else test this? I have noticed the extension on its own seems fine, but the...
  14. prettyclaire

    AdGuard offline?

    I saw the main page of was offline, I wonder if anyone is aware of this?
  15. prettyclaire

    Filter Subscriptions spelt wrong

    Hello, you have spelt the Filters Subscriptions in english wrong in the program. It is spelt in your program as Subsrcriptions, this is incorrect it should be, Subscriptions. I hope this helps some x