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  1. Shubam16

    AG Pro and NextDNS

    NextDNS works if you use the DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS links
  2. Shubam16

    uBlock Origin is it better than Adguard ?

    With Manifest V3 coming up, it’ll be interesting to see how uBlock Origin will handle that, AdGuard shouldn’t be limited by it. AdGuard also has apps for pretty much everything
  3. Shubam16

    AdGuard is not working on youtube.

    Try force updating your filters?
  4. Shubam16

    Allow ads on certain websites

    There is a website I use, and they only have 1 small ad and it's developed by 1 person so I want AdGuard to not block ads on their site. How can I whitelist this one site?
  5. Shubam16

    Website working despite being blocked

    Let's say I wanted to block, I added ||^ to my blacklist, but I can still access Reddit. The tab title says "Access Denied" for a second, but the website loads fine. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Shubam16

    Whitelist and Blacklist Settings

    If your trying to only block stuff on your own blacklist, just disable all default filters and make your filter.
  7. Shubam16

    Whitelist and Blacklist Settings

    I can help out, what's up?
  8. Shubam16

    Is there any problem with having to many filters / rules?

    Just traditional domain filters e.g: OR ||^
  9. Shubam16

    Is there any problem with having to many filters / rules?

    I personally do not have that many, but I was just wondering if there is any problem with me potentially adding a ton. I know that there could be false positives, but I mean problems like browsing will become slow, or any other issues? Im not worried about false positives.
  10. Shubam16

    Where is my subscription when I log in?

    If you come to this website: and login, you should be able to see your license key.
  11. Shubam16

    Twitch ADS

    No AdBlocker can block twitch ads properly.
  12. Shubam16

    Whitelist and Blacklist Settings

    Hi! Click on settings at the top --> Go to AdBlocker --> To add a filter you click on "Add a Filter" OR to edit the filters simply click on filter editor --> Then add your rules :)
  13. Shubam16

    Route All Traffic Through AG

    What AdGuard product? My connection actually speeds up with AdGuard
  14. Shubam16

    Blocking selected websites

    You can learn about creating your own filters here!
  15. Shubam16


    How are these scams?
  16. Shubam16

    Google AMP vs. Own Rules

    Just use this filter to block the AMP links
  17. Shubam16

    What's the limit of rules for system wide adblocking?

    I get that the Safari limit is 50000. But for the system wide AdBlocking I use the list and a whitelist I am maintaining, I have more than 500 000 rules in DNS protection, what's the limit?
  18. Shubam16

    Would like to block Google 'Search Suggest drop-down list'

    Hi. This is because mobile devices support DNS level filter blocking only, they do not support cosmetic filters like the ones that windows can support.
  19. Shubam16

    AdGuard beta testing

    Just applied, super excited!
  20. Shubam16

    Twitch ADS

    What kind of conspiracy is that?! I don't see any ads on Twitch at the moment, maybe check your filters? Twitch is doing great at stopping AdBlockers, so what makes you think they won't patch the other methods?