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    Adguard Anti-Adblock Defuser

    There's already a list that specifically handles anti-adblockers that use european laws to remove them from adblock lists, So I don't think that's of concern.
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    Adguard Anti-Adblock Defuser

    I get what you are saying, it's very difficult to keep up with the numerous number of anti-adblock methods that are appearing very quickly, but having a dedicated team towards finding the new methods would be massively more efficient than just hoping that the users will come upon them, and then...
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    Voice and video ads on Pandora mobile

    Is there a way I can block the ads the come on the Pandora mobile app? Like are there some custom rules I can add to stop them or something?
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    Adguard Anti-Adblock Defuser

    true, but it would be much simpler, and less hassle, if Adguard were to just handle it all itself, and it would provide much more user satisfaction, imo.
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    Add WoT Circles on Search Pages

    agreed, besides, adding the circles to search results wouldn't make much of a difference. If the site is unsafe according to adguard or WoT, then it will block it and warn you before you even get to the site. ya know?
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    Adguard Anti-Adblock Defuser

    I would like to suggest that Adguard develop their own Anti-Adblock Defuser, as the AAK list is already phased out and unmaintained and the AAK-CONT list is soon to be unmaintained, but there is a new defuser coming out. Unfortunately this new defuser, which was supposed to be Adblock Protector...
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    Stealth Mode, Block WebRTC

    I found out when visiting a certain website that Adguard does not seem to be really blocking the WebRTC leak. Any reason why, or help to make it so that the feature works properly?
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    VPN for the benefit of everyone...

    I agree with the OP, because you have already introduced VPN services into your newest beta version of of adguard for android, so you should be able to for windows as well.
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    preventing a website from seeing adblocker.

    Hello, how are you all? Hope this post find you all healthy and well! My question is. I currently go to this website to tell me what can be seen about my browser currently, for security purposes. I have thus far been able to make so this site can't anything...
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    Adguard and ToR Browser

    I just installed ToR Browser, and for some reason, Adguard will not filter traffic in ToR browser, so, I went to the filtered app's settings and manually add it, I did it by both options that were given, yet for some reason it still is not working, and I don't think...