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  1. Catman51

    Cant install https certificate on Galaxy Flip 3

    Same here with S22 Ultra. Will not install.
  2. Catman51

    Adguard VPN for Windows update problem

    Hi, It says there is an update for the VPN, I click it, it seems like it's installing but now it has a red arrow and says there is a problem and automatically closes?
  3. Catman51

    VPN blocks Google

    Do not know what happened, after half a day not working, it's working now.
  4. Catman51

    VPN blocks Google

    Just started. VPN for Android. Will not work as long as VPN is on. No search in Google will load, but works with it off.
  5. Catman51

    Adguard VPN

    Any word on when the VPN for windows will be released, even for testing?
  6. Catman51

    Firefox broken, can't load pages

    I've been using the Nightly for a long time, now will not open any website?
  7. Catman51

    Adguard VPN Android

    So, something interesting. Netflix and VPN won't work together, but today I switched location to Silicon Valley, opened Netflix and it worked. Any other time I have to turn off Adguard VPN. I guess cause it's Silicon Valley, Netflix doesn't want to screw with them!
  8. Catman51

    Bitdefender VPN and Adguard on Android 10

    And, got the refund and bought Adguards right away.
  9. Catman51

    Bitdefender VPN and Adguard on Android 10

    I have requested a refund from Bitdefender so I can purchase Adguard's. Cannot do without Adguard.
  10. Catman51

    Bitdefender VPN and Adguard on Android 10

    How can I set up Bitdefender and Adguard to work on my phone? On the pc they are both on, but on the phone Adguard shuts down. Thank you
  11. Catman51

    Cannot sign into on line account

    Thank you, PM sent
  12. Catman51

    Chrome to block all Ad Blockers

    Thanks, good to hear.
  13. Catman51

    Chrome to block all Ad Blockers

    Looks like time to switch from Chrome! Google Just Gave 2 Billion Chrome Users A Reason To Switch To Firefox
  14. Catman51

    [Resolved]Nova launcher being bad?

    Never had a problem with Nova Launcher.
  15. Catman51

    Best Anti-Virus w/ AdGuard = ? Avast? Bitdefender? ESET? Kaspersky? or...

    Not feeling good about Kaspersky Kaspersky Russian Spying Rumors: Should You Use This Antivirus?,news-25983.html
  16. Catman51

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.250

    Thanks, but that was a while back, no problems anymore.
  17. Catman51

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.12.250

    Having a problem with the latest 2.12.247. It downloaded but says problem parsing package?
  18. Catman51

    [AdGuard for Android] v2.11.81 RC

    Links for download go to error page?
  19. Catman51

    AG Won't Stay Enabled

    Same here.