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  1. Chinaski

    Cannot import certificate to Firefox Nightly(Nightly 200214 08:03)

    Then let’s do the following: - AdGuard > Settings > Advanced > Logging Level > Record All. - Reproduce your issue. - Note the time the error occurred and let us know. - Don’t forget to return to the default logging level. - Logs can be sent to me at PM
  2. Chinaski

    Adguard for Mac 1.4.1 in an endless crash loop

    Hello there! Could you clarify why you're using version 1.4.1? It was released back in 2017. The current version is 2.3.2. Try to install it and see if the problem repeats itself?
  3. Chinaski

    Cannot import certificate to Firefox Nightly(Nightly 200214 08:03)

    Do you have a direct link to download this version of Firefox? It looks like PlayStore is giving me an earlier version of the product.
  4. Chinaski

    Cannot import certificate to Firefox Nightly(Nightly 200214 08:03)

    Actually, I used the same version. But for a clean experiment, I downloaded it again using your link. Here's a screenshot number one. Here's a screenshot number two.
  5. Chinaski

    Cannot import certificate to Firefox Nightly(Nightly 200214 08:03)

    After the first installation of Firefox Nightly, I also met with a certificate issue. I went into AdGuard settings and chose manual reinstallation. I received this notification. I click on Allow, the certificate was successfully installed.
  6. Chinaski

    Cannot import certificate to Firefox Nightly(Nightly 200214 08:03)

    Hello there! I just checked with the latest version of FF Nightly - after installing the certificate manually everything works correctly. But before exporting the certificate you need to give the certificate permission. You seem to have missed this procedure.
  7. Chinaski


    @jimmyjetson Hello there! The very idea of turning on a large number of filters is not a good one. The point is that developers of third-party filters can use the same or adjoining AdGuard filters rules. This can prevent some websites from working properly. When you enable a large number of...
  8. Chinaski

    AdGuard Assistant (Chrome) does not detect Adguard

    Greetings! Is the problem only reproduced in the Chrome browser? Do you use third-party extensions that could prevent AdGuard assistant from working properly?
  9. Chinaski

    Measure upload data

    @imperator Hello there! When you run the protection, all traffic is redirected through AdGuard - so you get this kind of data. Or do you suspect that AdGuard cuts the speed of your Internet connection? You can check for or
  10. Chinaski

    Adguard VPN

    @Umbra Hello there! 1. For now, we're renting servers. But we plan to start our own a little later. 2. WireGuard is used temporarily. But we are developing our own protocols and will soon implement them in our VPN. 3. So far VPN works in test mode, and now all efforts are focused on fixing bugs...
  11. Chinaski

    [Resolved]AdGuard Pro for IOS license activation

    Always glad to help ;)
  12. Chinaski

    [Resolved]AdGuard Pro for IOS license activation

    The PRO version is automatically activated at purchase. There is also a version of AdGuard - Which you can activate with your license key.
  13. Chinaski

    Отключается защита приложения

    Может варьироваться в зависимости от прошивки, но по идее: - Настройки Android - Сеть и Интернет - Дополнительно - VPN > AdGuard
  14. Chinaski

    [Resolved]AdGuard Pro for IOS license activation

    AdGuard settings > About > License > Pay attention on the right top corner.
  15. Chinaski

    [Resolved]AdGuard Pro for IOS license activation

    @jtinfresno Hello there! To activate the premium feature, please try this manual. Let us know if you have any further questions.
  16. Chinaski

    Отключается защита приложения

    Дело в том, что все зависит только от системных настроек устройства. К сожалению, мы не можем ничего сделать на стороне приложения, для того, чтобы оно перестало выгружаться из памяти. Вам необходимо попробовать поискать решение в настройках энергосбережения/батареи, также можно попробовать...
  17. Chinaski

    Большие задержки!

    Служба поддержки завела задачу на GitHub с пометкой Question. Думаю разработчики прольют свет на эту ситуацию.
  18. Chinaski

    Отключается защита приложения

    Здравствуйте! Скажите, вы пробовали настроить фоновую работу приложения AdGuard?
  19. Chinaski


    @Tresk Добрый день! Вам необходимо настроить фоновую работу приложения. Попробуйте воспользоваться данной инструкцией.
  20. Chinaski

    Потерян ключ при каком-то из обновлений виндовс

    @Ivan22_10 Иван, напишите мне в ЛС, я помогу вам восстановить лицензию.