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    Help With Phone

    I am not sure. But the first VPN (AdGuard) in your screenshot establishes a local VPN on your iPhone. If you now set up the "normal" VPN with IPsec, it will get in each other's way. Maybe there is someone more competent here who can give you an educated answer.
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    Help With Phone

    Do you have any other VPNs in the VPN settings of the iphone? If so, click on the "i" for the other VPN and deactivate "Connect on demand".
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    Updated AdGuard Pro v4.3.1 (919) iOS app questions...

    Not sure since I use premium, but give that a try.
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    Adguard blocks everything

    True. Not a very lively forum. The first thing I would do is update both AdGuard and Monterey. There are new versions of both. The second thing I would do is delete everything under Safari Einstellungen-Datenschutz-Websitedaten verwalten.
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    Apple Privete Relay and Adguard PRO with DNS

    See here. According to AdGuard, the two are not compatible. See here and here. Concerns Monterey, but the principle is the same.
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    STart up error gone - but now always popup to allow changing proxie settings

    Here the same. Identical constellation, but Little Snitch is used instead of Lulu.
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    Website reported "Failed to load resource: bad URL" even it is in allow list

    Which macOS? Which AdGuard version? (I suspect AdGuard for Safari). I also added the exception and have the same problems as you. You have to turn off AdGuard completely for the page to show. Under Safari it is only displayed shot up. Under the Brave browser correctly. In AdGuard for Mac you...
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    AdGuard Premium for iOS DNS protection draws a lot of battery

    On iOS 15.1, I have high battery usage in the background with DNS protection. And that, it seems, with the encounter notification in conjunction with Corona warning app ( I have already uninstalled and reinstalled AdGuard Premium. But...
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    Whitelist apps on iOS

    I have the same behavior with iOS 15.0.1.
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    iOS 15 "Protect mail activity"

    In iOS 15 there is now the option "Protect mail activity" in Mail. However, this does not work with the local VPN of AdGuard for iOS, because the mails show "Private loading of remote content not possible". It wouldn't be bad if AdGuard had the option to not block certain apps, i.e. an exception...