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    Possible to downgrade from nightly?

    Hi Is it possible to backup settings from nightly and restore to stable or beta ? I've tried but it comes up with an error. Many thanks
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    Unable to install firefox addons with HTTPS filtering enabled

    Hi Running Adguard 3.6.9 and when you enable HTTPS filtering & install the CA certificate, you can't install firefox addons. Even after going into Firefox's "secret settings" and enabling the CA certificate. Browing the web is fine but the addons fail with "Failed to install *addon name*". I...
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    Android 13 crash

    Sorted it, can be closed
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    Android 13 crash

    Hi My Pixel 6 has just updated to android 13 and now Adguard just crashes when it tries to load. Reinstalled etc but same issue. Do you have any ETA on android 13 support ?
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    [-] New missed ads in Daily Mail App [Android]

    Thank you for the reply. Link :
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    [-] New missed ads in Daily Mail App [Android]

    Any update on this ? I'm not the only person who's noticed it, couple of reports on reddit as well.
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    [-] New missed ads in Daily Mail App [Android]

    Just an update. I've manage to block the ad itself, it was coming from but as you can see from the screenshot, I've now got a large empty box where the ad was. Is there any way to filter it out so it looks...
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    [-] New missed ads in Daily Mail App [Android]

    Hi, I've noticed a new ad appear on the daily mail app right in the middle of every page when you load a story. The ad is actually for the app itself and Adguard doesn't seem to be blocking it.
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    Hi, I've purchased Adguard premium for my Android device but it's not blocking any of the ads or popups on One such example is :