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    AdGuardExtra - Permission to read and change all my data for ALL SITES - WHAT FOR?

    What is Adguard Extra? You mean paid version? Or some custom built one?
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    Adguard is completely blocking my internet access on many apps when on cellular service.

    Thats why I prefer iOS over Android: no shitty rules of unknown origin, no bloat, no SLTs. You can just download alternative like LineageOS, flash it and just use. Lineage doent have same philosophy, bloat, just plain usability curve.
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    HTTPS Filtering cannot be enabled - cert install process goes into constant loop (Microsoft Surface Duo 2)

    Generally AG is excellent thing, bells&whistles, but getting it setup correctly on Android powered devices is hell. Not because AG is faulty. Android is shitty and thats the reason.
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    Does AdGuard for Mac work on Ventura?

    Im on Monterey, have Ventura waiting for me in System Preferences > Updates, but Im not updating till the day I see ADG working steadily on Ventura.
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    Adguard 4 : Is it planned fixing slow Wifi speed on newer Samsung phones android 11 ?

    S21, S20, s8, Note9:: Android 9 > 11 Issue on every phone not solved
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    AdGuard Home - Error Updating

    Payout !dicksphp This blockage is causeed by fuckedup copchain in fuckchain.kdedicks FUCK KDE
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    Adguard not working with MacOS 11.3.1

    @YT Wing you need to wait a little before statistics starts to accumulate....... Ive also updated and absolutely no issue here........
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    Vivaldi stopped respecting ADG

    macOS BigSur + ADG (lifetime) Safari: works fine; Brave works Vivaldi: NOT working...... Filtering Vivaldi is ON here :: ADG > Settings > Auto-filter apps > Vivaldi (see screen below) Whats wrong here?
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    Unable to select element to block

    No. Log is empty. How to enable logging? I managed to make log entries appear When I click on switch to enable, it automatically switches back to disablesd state..... Edit: ADG seems to be working on, even with security being "disabled" and no enableable (see first...
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    Unable to select element to block

    Why Im unable to click Select button near Block element?
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    Not all ads are blocked

    iPhone 11 standard here...... have been browsing this problem whole day today and no luck.... ads keeps appearing regardless ADG being on or off.
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    Black Friday offer: how to activate in iOS?

    @gitarzysta there is no need to activate your lic. Its autoactivated during first launch. Just login here and confirm that your iPhone is added under your current lic.
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    Not all ads are blocked

    Not only is affected, but also Onet, (both web & app), Interia, Reddit (app) and many others. ADG on my MacBook Air (BigSur) works like a charm....... Which iPhone do you have and how did you install ADG: from AppStore or via handOff from other Apple device?
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    Anyone have AdGuard for OS X? Is the subscription worth it?

    There are two ADG apps in AppStore..... Im not exactly sure how the app knows Im paid member ( own a LICENCE ) as Ive entered my lic-key nowhere :: there is no textarea to put lic-key ). Also I noticed that both of them are very choosy what to block ( at least on iOS 14.2 ). They filterout most...
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    New AdGuard Pro user (iOS) but still in-app ads

    Same problem here initially. Solved it by going to AG Pro > Gear icon > Safari Protection and enable what is wanted/needed
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    Anyone have AdGuard for OS X? Is the subscription worth it?

    Oh yes, its definitely worth it. Browsing with ADG is way too nicer than without..... go for it.
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    [Resolved]Sites asking to turn off ad blocker?

    Showing signs like the one you experience is illegal, so either block or report such site/s to authorities.
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    Adguard Stable Version with BigSur?

    Its 13.11 and no bugs for me with ADG on BigSur.