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    which version of adguard vpn can be used in Amazon Fire 4K TV stick?

    I agree. It would be very useful if Adguard VPN could be installed on the new Chromecast with Google TV. I know Surfshark has a dedicated app for it on the Play Store, so an equivalent Adguard VPN app will be most welcomed.
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    AdGuard VPN protocols

    I'm interested if the unique Adguard VPN protocol will eventually be used also for the Integrated mode? (instead of IPSec) If the Adguard VPN protocol is indeed faster and more secure, why not use that protocol when working in conjunction with the Adguard DNS adblocker? Wasn't that the point of...
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    AdGuard for iOS beta test

    Is there a beta program for AdGuard Pro?
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    Adguard vs Adguard PRO

    Wonderful news indeed! :) I salute this decision and your costumer service policies
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    Adguard 4.0 premium

    Thank you :)
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    Adguard vs Adguard PRO

    Hi @Chinaski I recently purchased Adguard Pro for iOS. From your answer it sounds like, once Adguard Pro is updated and becomes the same as regular Adguard, we will lose the pro features we are entitled to in the Pro iOS app after a certain amount of time. Is that the case? Do you mean you...
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    Adguard 4.0 premium

    Hello friends, I’ve downloaded Adguard 4.0 for iOS and would like to subscribe to the premium service. However, I can’t find where to do that within the app. Can someone help me do that? Is this feature hidden or did the app become completely free after the 4.0 update? Thanks
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    PSA: AdGuard Pro for iOS and Apple's policy regarding system-wide blocking

    Sorry if this should be obvious to me, but I’m a new AdGuard user. Did AdGuard Pro for iOS regained support for system wide ad blocking after the app was revived? Thanks for your help.