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  1. Nzyme

    Route All Traffic Through AG

    When can we expect v8 to be released?
  2. Nzyme

    Route All Traffic Through AG

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to this. The purpose of installing AG for Windows is that it blocks ads/trackers in all the programs and not just browsers. If it was just the browsers, there are AG extensions available to do that.
  3. Nzyme

    Tracking Prevention

  4. Nzyme

    Route All Traffic Through AG

    How can I route the entire device traffic through AG? Currently, I believe only a few browsers are filtered as seen in the 'List of Filtered Apps' section. Is there a way through which ALL of the device traffic (incoming & outgoing) is routed through AG so that it can filter ads, trackers, etc...
  5. Nzyme

    Tracking Prevention

    Will enabling the 'Tracking Prevention' feature in Edge interfere with AG's (Edge Extension) ability to block ads/trackers/etc.? I am assuming that the trackers/ads that are blocked as part of the native 'Tracking Prevention' in Edge are also included in AG filters? So does enabling the feature...
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    YouTube Ads

    Thanks for the response. I was checking their site and observed that Dubbel is only required for effective adblocking on Android 7 or higher. (See here). I am running on Android 6 and everything is working perfectly fine in the official YT app when I use AdClear (without Dubbel). The main reason...
  9. Nzyme

    YouTube Ads

    I am trying to understand why is AG unable to block ads whereas AdClear is able to? From what I understand, YT ads are encrypted so why not implement the ability to block that in AG? What is stopping the developers to add the feature?
  10. Nzyme

    YouTube Ads

    I am on Android 6 and using AG [v.3.5.2 (66)]. I have enabled HTTPS Filtering and cleared the app cache & data from the YT app. However, I still see ads upon running YT and playing videos. Another app like AdClear is able to block ALL ads on YT perfectly. Why is AG still unable to block ads in YT?
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    Malicious/Sponsor Domains

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    AdGuard Extension from Chrome Store or Edge Store?

    Edge got updated yesterday to version 83.0.478.50 on Windows 10. Should I install the AG extension from the Edge store or Chrome store? I tried installing it from the Chrome store and it works flawlessly. Does the version from Edge store have any limitations compared to the Chrome store version?
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    Update Link for NordVPN Instructions

    Is this being considered?
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    [Resolved]Malicious Domain

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