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    AdGuard Breaks Paramount & Hulu

    After the update to v2.8.1.1140 release (CL-1.9.62, DNS-1.7.22) of AdGuard on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 video sites and will no longer function. On Paramountplus.comthe video never loads, but instead plays an accessibility audio only version of the movie/show...
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    AdGuard Blocking Video Streaming after Uninstall

    Do any of AdGuard support representative every visit these forums to provide actual support? I've tried email, reddit, and even calling (just goes to a recording then hangs up on you), but am unable to receive any support at all. I was considering subscribing to AdGuard (outside of SetApp) but...
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    AdGuard Blocking Video Streaming after Uninstall

    Does anyone know exactly what changes are made to MacOS by AdGuard upon install? I'm having a bit of a difficult issue with AdGuard, well more like without AdGuard no longer installed. I had AdGuard running on 2 machines, One Mac, and One MacBook Pro. I cancelled my subscription to Setapp...