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    Apple silicon (M1) Mac support

    Ah ok that makes sense. It was only cus MikeL mentioned about the Safari extension also now running native AS code, I was then curious about the situation for 3rd-party browsers. Thanks for your reply! :)
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    Apple silicon (M1) Mac support

    Great work! Thank you :D as an additional q: How does this work with 3rd-party browsers? I use FireFox. After installing the Nightly build of AG and going through the process of installing the FF browser extension, a Beta build is installed in (1.1.16). Is this also native Apple silicon code? FF...
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    Adguard Pro DNS Blacklist

    I like the idea of this. Good job! I've been using it in my AdGuard Pro app with modVOID and it seems to work well. I was just wondering if I could please get more of a description of the different lists though? What exactly is the difference between modVOID and mainVOID? And what about the...