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    Adguard /w Adguard VPN

    Connect to Adguard first then connect Adguard VPN
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    Adguard /w Adguard VPN

    Turn on Always-on VPN natively on Android with Adguard app instead of Adguard VPN
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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    Yeah, my 8th gen core i5 can't even handle 1gbps on a mac bootcamp into windows, it will be slowed downed by adguard. But in a macos environment, adguard doesn't affect your internet speeds. I also tried throttle stop and max out my cpu to 3.8ghz and it doesn't help much anyways.
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    Shadowsocks not working

    Try turning off private DNS on your phone, it's causing issues because adguard doesn't route dns over proxy but the private DNS will route through the proxy which might cause some conflict
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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    My gigabit connection slows down on windows but not in mac
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    DNS queries not routed through socks5 or Shadowsocks

    I have found out that DNS queries from Adguard is not routed through socks5 proxy that have been set on the Adguard.
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    Shadowsocks not working

    Try transparent proxy mode in Shadowsocks app, also I would recommend turning on DNS filtering and set DNS as Cloudflare with DNS over HTTPS. Make sure to turn on UDP with socks5 proxy in adguard app.
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    Adguard not filtering apps properly with network extension mode

    Adguard cannot filter apps properly with network extension mode. Both Spotify and Discord don't seem to filter properly with network extension but automatic proxy seems to be working fine and able to block trackers from both of these apps.
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    A Question about YouTube ads

    Idk, HTTPS filtering doesn't work with YouTube, the only way is to use modified YouTube app or parallels space.
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    Adguard stopped neat downloader extension from working

    I recently bought adguard lifetime subscription and has been using neat download for a long time. Their chrome extension no longer works with Adguard network extension turned on for my mac. It works fine though with automatic proxy. Can you guys fix the problem? Update: Works now with...
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    YouTube Ads

    From what my understanding is if a VPN is on, then the traffic should route to the VPN app and if the VPN app is below API 24, adguard can filter ads with HTTPS filtering? So if Adguard target API is below 24, then it can filter ads through VPN mode of Adguard? Or you need to have something...
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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    You can also set the proxy within the Adguard app, so all apps could use the proxy.
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    YouTube "An error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID:....)"

    Have you added adblock warning removal list or similar lists that bypass adblock circumvention?
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    AdGuard on MacOS Catalina

    It works pretty good, lots of ads got blocked. There is a stealth mode in AG that can block 3rd party cookies and a wide range of invasive browser fingerprinting which Little Snitch won't work.
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    Adblocking with SNI filtering/inspection

    Since SNI is not encrypted, it is possible to inspect SNI during TLS handshake so that it is possible to categorize traffic with the signature of TLS encryption in terms of SNI. Is it possible to block ads using the above method for apps that don't support HTTPS filtering?
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    Slow Internet Speeds With Adguard Enabbled

    Try using the adguard local proxy, just put it into the adguard app, it works fine for me, I got 800+ out of my gigabit internet.