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  1. nospame

    [Resolved] Paypal Fishing

    I try to open and it sends me to Im concerned about using Adguard Extension (for Safari, macOS). *Actually it is Adguard DNS who might be doing it. I uninstalled Adguard extension.
  2. nospame

    Youtube Replaying Videos

    When I open a youtube video, it plays for 2 seconds (aprox) and then it reload the video. Happens with AdGuard Safari extension. Doesn't happen with Adguard for Mac. MacOS High Sierra Macbook Pro (mid 2014) Filters: English Spyware Social Media Annoyances Safari AdBlock Warning Removal
  3. nospame

    TouchPal keyboard

    Is there a filter to block transfers so we could use keyboards like TouchPal (I'm on iOS)? The keyboard is way ahead of competition but they prefer to mine data instead of charging for the app. I use AdGuard DNS and AdGuard for Mobile Safari. I wrote two words and the app used 5kb (measured...
  4. nospame

    Wikipedia [OS X]

    Every time I have to open a wikipedia page, the page doesn't load. If I wait ~5 seconds and reload the page, I can see it properly. What is happening?
  5. nospame

    Modern Content Blocker

    There's a post about a newer method of blocking ads. I know Adguard app is better than the extension. What about this "modern" method? How different is it compared to the app? Is there anything Adguard can implement/learn or it's not...