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    [Resvoled]Filtering Apple News no longer working?

    Blocking of ads in Apple News stopped working at some stage and i'm not sure when it happened. The News app shows with an exclamation mark as the icon and ads are coming through loud and clear. Removing the app from AdGuard and re-adding it hasn't helped either. I'm on macOS Catalina.
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    Regex question to block element

    I'm trying to block an id on a certain website using regex because it's a randomly generated 4 character name. I'd really appreciate it if someone could please let me know if i'm on the right track.^[0-9a-zA-Z]{4}$/ It should match any of the following examples. kals, jlkm...
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    Weird interaction with VMs

    I develop sites on VMs on a regular basis on my Mac. When my Mac starts, Adguard starts along with it. Upon powering on the VM and accessing a site on it, the browser is unable to reach the site. Only after turning Adguard off and back on will the browser be able to reach the site on the VM...
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    Bug report - AdGuard disables itself after fast user switching

    When a user is logged in with Adguard enabled and another user then switches to their login via fast user switching whom also has Adguard enabled, Adguard will be disabled for the first user. To recreate: Login with a user and enable Adguard. Login with another user and start Adguard. Switch...