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  1. Blaz

    Android: Family DNS filter blocks youtube app comments

    This should work: ||^$empty,important
  2. Blaz

    [Resolved] Blocking the short "form" to download Nitro PDF Reader

    Added both rules to filter list.
  3. Blaz

    Web page not available

    If this is an app and HTTPS filtering is active, then not.
  4. Blaz

    [Resolved] Blocking the short "form" to download Nitro PDF Reader

    Thank you. Please try these two rules: @@||app-*^$ @@||app-*^$
  5. Blaz

    [Resolved] Blocking the short "form" to download Nitro PDF Reader

    @Chinaski Imho the request is to allow download without sending the form. But needs to be clarified.
  6. Blaz


    Please try to disable DNS filtering if active.
  7. Blaz


    Not reproduced.
  8. Blaz


    Also not reproduced.
  9. Blaz

    [Resolved][iOS] YouTube|| some ads not blocked [ver. 4.0.0 (373)]

    Added to Base filter, update available in about 3 hours:
  10. Blaz

    Adguard Assistant is still not working again with the latest FF v72.0.2 64bit

    No issue on FF v72 x64 and latest AdGuard for Windows Nightly on my device. Tried on different sites, e. g.
  11. Blaz

    Block ‘GET - On the App Store’ pop up

    It is calling Safari API which is not blockable.
  12. Blaz

    [Resolved] Missed anti-adblock solvetube

    Fixed. Update available in about 3 hours.
  13. Blaz

    [Resolved] Still problems with

    Thank you, I added them.
  14. Blaz

    Adguard can´t block Google search ads

    HTTPS certificate is installed? Filter for useful ads is disabled? Which browser are you using?
  15. Blaz

    [*] popunder

    Cannot reproduce on my second device (no access to primary device atm). Please check @Alex302
  16. Blaz

    [*] popunder

    Please provide your enabled filters for AdGuard for Windows on FireFox, thank you.
  17. Blaz

    AdGuard dosen't block ads on sites with a prefix of "ww."

    And the war continues :( @@||*/assets/js/vendor/prebid*.js$|||| @Adam can you please add the rule for non $$ supporting product, it will be a while until I am back at my dev machine.
  18. Blaz

    [*] not working in adguard chrome extension

    Please provide details what is not working on the site. Site opens fine here and is displaying the content. Fixed cookie message.
  19. Blaz

    [Resolved] Still problems with

    Please test these rules:
  20. Blaz


    Not reproduced.