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    Issue 1: Ad is shown.. Issue 2: The Adguard Assistant is not shown on the site. Screenshot: Website:
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    Advanced Settings Help Needed

    Thanks for trying, but it certainly didn't answer anything... I guess its best to get these answers from the MAIN MAN himself..... Hello @avatar. Could you provide a detailed answer for my query please? Thanks in advance.
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    Advanced Settings Help Needed

    I would like to know more details on the following options. I would also like to know whether the performance of AdGuard would be faster with the option enabled or disabled (assuming both options worked and didn't cause any issues on the system)? Block Teredo when the WFP driver is selected...
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    Change the numbering format used to display statistics

    Please change the numbering format used to display statistics in both Windows and Android versions of Adguard. This is the preferred number format, separating thousands with "," and NOT using K, as shown here: Shown below are two places where the incorrect numbering format is used...
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    [*] Ads showing in Lotto App

    I don't know. You tell me.... It is shown here:
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    Ok, I've had enough of this crap..... This happens all the time to me, and yet its not being fixed because you guys can't reproduce it. I even made a video of the issue.... What else do you guys need? How about someone log in and take a look and fix it from there?
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    [*] Ads showing in Lotto App

    Hello.... Does any Adguard staff frequent these forums to help out any more? I hate putting things up, but not hearing anything back.... We take the time to report stuff, at least take some time to respond to customers.....geez.....
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    [*] Ads showing in Lotto App

    App name: Oz Lottery Results URL: Package Name: ie.slice.ozlotto UUID: 10105 App Type: User Version: 1.6.2 (13) Target SDK: 27 I have enabled HTTPS filtering for the app, but it seems to make no difference. The ads can be seen when...
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    Please add exclusion for

    Please add to your banking exclusion list. Thanks.
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    Here are the log exported log files:
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    I have cleared the browser and loaded the page shown above. Ads are shown, Please check out the video:
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    [Resolved] AdChoices (AdSense) not being blocked

    I tried to load and my browser never finishes loading the page. It just shows "Waiting for" and keeps spinning and spinning..... Also, ads are shown:
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    Possible filter/settings sync?

    Yes, this would be a great feature.
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    CoreLibs version number

    Currently, the way the CoreLibs version number is shown in both Android and Windows differently. For example, Windows Adguard shows: (CL 1.4.127) while the Android Adguard shows: (1.4.120cl) They both need to display the CoreLibs version the same way. It will look a lot more professional...
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    GitHub nightly version page link

    Someone, please help me. Right now, I have Adguard 7.1.2872.7 installed.I just found out that a new nightly version is available, but I don't want to update using Adguard. I want to download the installation file and install manually myself. So what link do I get the latest nightly build from...
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    GitHub nightly version page link

    Someone provided this link to me This is great, except how do I download the nightly build version I want?
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    [Resolved]AdGuard 7.1.2817 - Live Functions Losing Connection

    No, I haven't tried this on the nightly version. I am waiting for the Beta version to come out before testing. PS: What is the link of the nightly build page on GitHub similar to the release page Please don't just provide a direct...
  18. ag_bug_finder is in HTTPS Exclusions but not in HTTPS Whitelist

    Its not about conflict. Its about privacy, similar to banking sites.
  19. ag_bug_finder is in HTTPS Exclusions but not in HTTPS Whitelist

    Perhaps I did. Well, it most definitely SHOULD be in the list. Please do add it there, in both the Windows and Android lists.
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    New AdGuard forum engine!

    Looks pretty good so far. :)