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    Adguard on HASS showing ads

    Isn't there a solution to also block these ads? (With the use of Adguard) Before adguard i used PFBlockerNG. If i am not mistaking PFBlockerNG did block these ads. How did you see that this is an element ad?
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    Adguard on HASS showing ads

    Ah ok. I didn't know that. Let's hope they will not put all the ads in an element in the future. Thanks!
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    Running a Windows Domain, all requests coming from DC

    I use a Windows Domain with Domain Controllers which are also my DHCP and DNS. The DNS is using a "Forwarder" which of course points to my Adguard Home. So far so good. My "problem" is that adguard is showing that all the requests are coming from DC01 and DC02. Which i get, but i would like to...
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    Adguard on HASS showing ads

    I run my Adguard Home on my Home Assistant setup. This works very well for let's say 99% :) But when i visit i am seeing an amazon ad. I am (or trying to) blocking amazon ads. How do i block this one? P.S. what would be the right sub forum to please a topic in when like me running...