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    AdGuard for Android 1.0 beta version

    DL speeds are a lot better that is a great thing for the new version. Also, no lock ups on reboot and 1st connect.
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    AdGuard for Android 1.0 beta version

    Thanks got key. Wil see if I can find the exact do speed but with adg on downloads in ft are very slow turn then off and it's full speed again. Anyone else with download slow downs?
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    AdGuard for Android 1.0 beta version

    I will be doing thorough testing soon but on 1st install and running all ok. Firefox on 4.4.2 Also can I get the beta premium key? Not sure why not getting email from adg
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    Just Moved from Competitor (AdGuard vs Ad Muncher)

    Yep, i also moved from admuncher to adg a few weeks ago. I have used ADM for over 8 years. It started great but now its been causing lots of site loading problems over VPN. I'm still tweaking adg for how i need it and fixing a few little things here and their but over all. Yes its a much better...
  5. C catcha

    I can do more in deep testing, but yes. I had to add it to exclusion and then the catcha showed up again. But on a side note, yes the site is not loading at all today.
  6. C catcha

    Just, wanting to check if the catcha being removed totatly by AG has been fixed yet? Not sure what filter is doing it now, but b4 it was blocking the video catcha witch was nice and giving you the code. Now its blocking the hole catcha from even loading on sites that use them for...
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    Filter Update Error

    Filters been updating fine now again. It did last for about 4 days or so for me though lol
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    AdGuard for Android beta test

    I will be seending PM in a few. Adblockplus is not working right and messes up the Play store.