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    Internet freezes at exact same time daily

    Found the logs.. also noticed it appears adguard restarts itself every 12 hours, which is what's causing the drop in connectivity. Is there a way to turn that feature off?
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    Internet freezes at exact same time daily

    It's still happening, and this time with activity monitor up, adguard jumps to the top of the task list for cpu activity when connectivity drops. Is there a log file for adguard? Maybe I can gleen what it's doing when it hits.
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    Internet freezes at exact same time daily

    The exact same time every day on my Mac the internet drops for a couple seconds. I notice this when I'm watching live streams, and it's happening in multiple browsers. Rebooting will change the time at which the freezes happen daily. The only thing I have left to consider is Adguard at this...
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    AdGuard for Windows/Mac vs AdGuard Home

    Oh, thank you very much! Well then, guess I'm sticking with Adguard for Windows/Mac. The lifetime license has been sooo worth it.
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    AdGuard for Windows/Mac vs AdGuard Home

    Does anyone know offhand how Adguard for Windows/Mac compares to Adguard Home? I currently run Adguard for Windows, as well as Adguard for Mac. It would be nice if I could centralize my adblocking, and it seems that's exactly what Adguard Home does. I can't find any comparisons though, and...
  6. T New ADs

    Honestly, I watch Twitch streams nightly for years. I've never seen an ad on Twitch with Adguard for Windows installed. What I have noticed, for some reason my streams get limited in video quality with the adguard blocking on Twitch. If I stop blocking Twitch, the stream quality goes back up...
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    What happened to AdGuard?

    I finally rebooted my computer after a month, and now there's ads _everywhere_. I have the 'assistant' installed in Chrome due to the new version of AdGuard changing things, but I get tons of ads on sites I never had before. Adding filters don't seem to help. For example, I...
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    Adguard not filtering adds on YouTube

    Just as a side note, I came here looking to solve the same issue. I did notice that it's only YouTube that is not being filtering, but somehow only when using Chrome. If I load YouTube with Edge, it's filtered properly. Edit: Resolved my issue with the instructions in this post...