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    [Resolved] Adguard Assistant and Outlook FindTime

    @slvvko About the blocked request: This was the first thing I checked. I unblocked all that where shown in the filter protocol but without any success. I then found out by trial and error that disabling the assistant fixed the issue. Then I deleted my custom rules to see if they are also...
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    [Resolved] Adguard Assistant and Outlook FindTime

    Hello @Chinaski, sadly this did not fix it for me. I reinstalled the certificate and restarted Outlook but I still receive the error as long as Adguard Assistant is enabled.
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    [Resolved] Adguard Assistant and Outlook FindTime

    Hello, today I found an issue related to Adguard Assistant and the Outlook FindTime plugin. When enabled , you will receive an error message (sorry that it is in German, but it does not have much details anyway): Simply disabling Adguard Assistant fixes it but this is not a sensible...
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    [Resolved] - Anti Adblock

    Works great, thanks!
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    [Resolved] - Anti Adblock Used Chrome Extension for Windows (newest filter rules) After a few seconds you will be redirected to a "please disable adblock" page