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  1. sjhgvr

    Adguard Base filter for iOS broken [Again]

    Like this; With all filters disabled and only the base filter enabled it says; Enabled rules: 71845 Active rules: 50000 Please fix. (And implement a serverside reporter that informs you devs...
  2. sjhgvr

    Adguard not working with large hosts files

    Adguard email support pointed me to the following; "NOTE: Important to notice that too many subscriptions can lead to tunnel crash, i.e. the app will stop responding and the filtering will cease." Source: Also, this won't be fixed due to the...
  3. sjhgvr

    Adguard not working with large hosts files

    When I go to; - Privacy settings > Add subscription And add a large hosts file. Lets say my own; It loads.. shows the amount of rules (1349860) But then.. when I go back to slide the Status-slider to ON.. Wifi disconnects, data connection (4G LTE) connects and the VPN logo...