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  1. _Marek_


    looks like it has been already fixed I was able to reproduce that alert from anti adblock yesterday but today not reproduced
  2. _Marek_

    [Resolved] adblock detected

    I added all 4 to user filters and now everything works fine :) 0 problems/anti adblock alerts thx you
  3. _Marek_

    [Resolved] adblock detected

    Hello I wanted to report that aternos anti adblock detects adguard etc Link: AdGuard for Windows 7.6 nightly 24 DNS: AdGuard DNS (DNS over QUIC) DNS filters: 0 Chrome ver 89.0.4389.90 (64-bit) A list of enabled filters in AdGuard app: Ad Blocking: AdGuard Base filter...
  4. _Marek_

    DNS Filters to Windows Adguard?

    wow nice to hear that :) ah i love that product!
  5. _Marek_

    Firefox won't work with adguard enabled.

    Hello, don't use beta or nightly builds with adguard etc because like Boo Berry said befor, they don't support third-party certificates yet! If you want to use the newest version of firefox (79.0.2 ) with adguard app on andorid then first you have to download the old normal version of FF from...