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  1. vasily_bagirov

    Установка сертификата на телефоне с Family Link

    Не знаком конкретно с этим приложением, но выглядит так, будто бы оно специально огранчивает в правах устройство. Так что неудивительно, что импорт сертфиката с ним не работает.
  2. vasily_bagirov

    RE New release version notes

    @Mark Greene 86 Our apologies, we changed the release notes and removed the controversial part. We'll also try to avoid such in the future. Hope to find your understanding.
  3. vasily_bagirov

    Разыскиваются бета-тестеры для iOS версии

    Почитать можно тут:
  4. vasily_bagirov

    Pie Problems (Android 9)

    This is a Chrome bug that happens with any VPN, not just woth with AdGuard. Sadly, nothing to do on our side :(
  5. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard doesn't remove ad-frames in apps

    Looks like your issue is different, please post it in a different thread (possibly you need to create a new one).
  6. vasily_bagirov

    DNS filter and bettery cost of paid version

    @callmedady hi! Did you notice this problem with insufficient blocking on different websites, or just on that one? If former, what are other examples of such websites? And about your other question, how did you measure the battery consumption? PS: this article should be of interest to you...
  7. vasily_bagirov

    Как проверить работу DNSCrypt?

    @ShiZzO поговорил с разработчиками, советуют записать трафик на роутере во время nslookup. Сделать это можно с помощью tcpdump, например. После этого вы увидите, что с локальных компьютеров уходят незашифрованные запросы, а на внешнем интерфейсе их уже нет.
  8. vasily_bagirov

    iOS12: Does Adguard still work?

    @Vogel hi! We haven't run the extensive tests yet. Some users complain about issues on iOS12, but other claim that they have no problems. Hard to tell yet, we'll come out with an announcement (via Blog) if needed.
  9. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard disabled in Safari 12.0 because it slows down web browsing?!

    @thersites Hi! There will be a Blog ( article on this topic, hopefully this week. Briefly: - Similar will happen to a lot of other extensions. Apple gets rid of older Safari extensions, plans to finish the process by December; - For now you can simply re-enable AG extension...
  10. vasily_bagirov

    How does Stealth Mode, Strip tracking paramters work?

    @Morku apologies for not replying in time. In your examples the highlighted text is actually not a parameter but a part of URL, so the Stealth Mode option doesn't work. We need to take this into account in our future updates, perhaps we will ebven create a userscript of some sort that can cut...
  11. vasily_bagirov

    How does Stealth Mode, Strip tracking paramters work?

    @Morku Not all URL parameters are considered tracking parameters. It is possible though that we need to update our current list. If you think some particular parameters should be blocked (and aren't currently), please list them and we'll consider including them.
  12. vasily_bagirov

    Can't subscribe to custom filter URL?

    @sh2sg sorry for not replying in time, glad you figured it out!
  13. vasily_bagirov

    Adguard can access my activity?

    I guess you were seeing a standard VPN/custom certificate notion. You can recreate it by tapping on the “network is monitored” notification, in fact, you will see it with any VPN app. This notification is forced by the system whenever any VPN is up.
  14. vasily_bagirov

    Will the Adguard Pro TestFlight builds get any more updates?

    @neil Hello, sadly, Apple will not allow us any further updates neither to relaese nor to beta versions of the app. Well, unless we strip it of functions that make the difference between Pro and regular version.
  15. vasily_bagirov

    Facebook Messenger connection error

    @Mekayel Anik hello! We have already received complaints about FB messenger and are looking inot this issue. We'll resolve it as soon as possible.
  16. vasily_bagirov

    50,000 filters exceeded

    @Skippermark we know about this workaround, and chose conciensely to not do it. The reason is, a lot of rules in our filters refer to each other and "work together". When you separate them into several content blockers, they can't do that anymore. We consider finding a way to divide filters...
  17. vasily_bagirov

    blocked vs Total

    @RaulilloPR "Blocked" stands for "Blocked on the current website", while "Total" stands for "Blocked total". Maybe we could have made the wording more obvious.
  18. vasily_bagirov

    Блокировка банера

    Укажите конкретно, на каком сайте блокируется баннер. Скорее всего ложное срабатывание, подправим фильтры.