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    AdGuard for Safari app extension has started warning about filter limit

    Setup: * MacOs High Sierra * Safari 12.1.1 * AdGuard for Safari app extension Version 1.2.1. Lately I have been starting to receive warnings about too many filters being enabled. What I've been running is: * AdGuard Base filter * AdGuard Spyware filter * Malware Domains * AdGuard Safari filter...
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    [-] Social media buttons on

    Is there a filter subscription or some way to disable all social media buttons/placeholders from website with Adguard? I'll try to explain what I mean. For example: TheVerge: Site: The page shows social media buttons on top of the screen with my current adguard...
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    [*] Missed ads on

    Ads visible on all message threads on Couple of examples: If I block the ad with Bock ads on this website...