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    AdGuard vs Angler Exploit Kit

    I'm curious if the Adguard team has tested the product against the Angler Exploit Kit of recent notoriety. I'm currently recommending a combination of Adguard and MalwareBytes...
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    AdNauseam integration

    Not sure if this is the correct subforum to post in, but I was curious if the AdNauseam firefox extension was on the developers 'radar'. If so, have they considered integration support for it into AdGuard? I think this would be a fantastic way to thwart surveillance and profiling en masse...
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    resize AdGuard app window so all settings can be viewed without scrolling

    Please consider giving users the ability to maximize or resize the Adguard user interface window so that all settings can be viewed on larger monitors without the annoyance of scrolling up and down to reveal them.
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    Block WebRTC IP address leaks

    I use a VPN server when for privacy and notice that the latest version of FireFox leaks several IP addresses when visiting sites such as Leaked IP addresses include local LAN IP and public IP of local ISP gateway. I'm not sure if Adguard is the appropriate place to block such...
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    Creating user exclusions for HTTPS filtering

    Is it possible for end users to create their own HTTPS fitering exclusions? I found the list of exclusions under Settings => Network => 'Filter https protocol' => exclusions, however their does not appear to be any facility for adding your own. Adding an exception such as...