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    Adguard adding text at bottom of browser, never happened before(nightly build).

    Yesterday Adguard updated to 7.4 nightly 7 and a while after i noticed that at the bottom of chrome there would be text that said things like waiting for some adguard url or some other things (screen shot will be included). If i move my mouse near the text it will switch sides of the screen...
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    Not blocking cookie notice on and more

    Unfortunately the only one that I remember (because I visit it daily) is but as I see them I'll add urls to this post as the others I've noticed are from random news sites I don't normally visit. Basically like the title says I'm seeing more and more of those cookie warning slide...
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    LastPass question

    I have adguard setup to NOT route LastPass traffic through it and I also have LastPass setup so I don't have to constantly login and I've also shut off battery optimization so Android isn't closing it. However multiple times a day on my note 10+ Im being logged out of LastPass. The timing of...
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    Anyone ever seen anything like this?

    See attached screenshot. I know my Google account hasn't been breached, between my PW and 2 factor it's unlikely but I also got an email if someone logs in. Today at about 1pm I got notifications on both my Google calendar and my Samsung calendar and I have no idea where they came from...
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    [Resolved]Weird DNS requests

    I'm going to post a screenshot. Anyone have any idea what these dns requests about that are just random characters? Should I block them? They appear in the log and part of some background process because I'm not actively using an app at the time. This is on Android 9 with the latest security...
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    protection not working, logs attached and screenshot

    I uninstalled and reinstalled adguard on Win10 because it hasnt been working. Protection says its not enabled in the windows task bar icon and when i try to load the main window it either doesnt do anything or it loads and has a spinning thing under the protection button and everything is...
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    [Resolved] [Android] Not blocking ads on Yahoo sites

    I'm getting ads anytime I visit a Yahoo based site. For example... The ad is also one of those super obnoxious ones that blocks tons of content and scrolls with the page. Ive had these ads show in both Chrome and...
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    Guce advertising and what is it really?

    In recent weeks now points to Adguard blocks this which means it blocks EVERYTHING on Engadget which used to be (afaik) a trustworthy site for many years. So now no pages get loaded at least on Android, I haven't tested on PC. I've searched guce advertising...
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    Bypass/remove AMP sites?

    A great feature would be the ability to shut off AMP sites. The only thing that would need to be done by adguard is to remove /amp/ from the URL. So when adguard sees (for example) it could just convert the url to...
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    Anytime adguard is running and I click a link to an or one of there many other archive.* sites it gets blocked. At first I thought it was a cloudflare DNS issue so I contacted them and they said they aren't blocking any archive.* sites. The only way I am able to visit a link to the...
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    Blocking overlays?

    Would it be possible to block any kind of overlay either the kind that slides in after page load that you can close or the kind that appears and scrolls with the page and can't be closed? An example of both is located on this page...
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    Question about Samsung pay

    In the advanced settings there is an option to auto disable adguard when Samsung pay is opened. I use Samsung pay all the time while adguard is running with no issue. Is there something in the app being blocked that I'm not noticing? BTW 3.0 (beta) is's significantly easier to...
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    [Resolved]Nova launcher being bad?

    The team is TeslaCoil the developers of Nova Launcher Pro for Android say that the app doesn't collect any info nor does it EVER access the network. That being said every time I open the settings of Nova and only then it triggers a warning from the adguard firewall. Any thoughts or similar...
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    [*] Blocking all access to

    Hello, I wanted to report that the site... Is blocked when using AdGuard on Android using any browser, all English language filters enabled, custom dns disabled. Tested via WiFi and 4g (Verizon) It also appears to be blocked by cloudflares secure DNS which I know you don't...
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    New fixed anti adblock killer

    There is a new fixed anti adblock filler with filter lists and source at.. Could we get this added to the adguard adblock subscription list for Android and Windows? I tested it with ublock on PC and it ublock origin and it worked like a dream.
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    Blocked threat information

    A seperate "log" needs to be added for blocked threats. I recently noticed that in the last week or so it blocked 2 threats which is good..BUT I have no idea what the threat was, where it came from, when it happened etc. Was it an app trying to do something? Was it from my browser? The...
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    Assistant icon no longer hides during full screen video

    Ever since (i believe) the beta update prior to the one released last week ive noticed that the assistant icon no longer becomes hidden when viewing full screen video in the browser. It used to go away immediately but for some reason it doesn't anymore and i cant figure out why or how to make...
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    Bug in latest build [Win10]

    I installed the latest build of the Windows beta and it broke quite a few things gaming related. First it broke "teredo" which is the UWP Xbox app for Windows that allows you to chat, form parties etc. If you go to the apps settings>network and run a test (which is usually to check connection...
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    "Too many filters" Perhaps a wizard or suggestions?

    So the filter page has a lot of options and if you select too many it tell you that it may slow down browsing but it doesn't tell you how many is too many or what combination is causing the message. I think im getting the message because i've selected the normal stuff for English sites but ive...
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    Firefox issues?

    Is adguard incompatible with Firefox on android? Everytime I try to load a website with adguard enabled I get a https certificate warning. I never have that issue on chrome. I went through all the options in Firefox and made sure there were no data savings or ad blocking features turned on.