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  1. Bastet

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection not blocked anymore

    Yep & it’s still working to block the ads.
  2. Bastet

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection not blocked anymore

    Strange, I purchased a month or so ago & found Solitaire not blocked yet now ads are blocked. Not checked today so the problem may be back.
  3. Bastet

    Microsoft Solitaire Windows 10 still showing ads.

    I’ve just purchased AdGuard for Windows & it is installed but although ads are blocked on Mah-Jong they still show within Solitaire. I’ve added the program/app to AG but no change. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks.
  4. Bastet

    Malwarebytes web protection blocks the Adguard web assistant.

    This may explain why I’m not seeing the floating widget on Edge as I have MB pro.
  5. Bastet

    Adguard Assistant on the new stable Microsoft Edge

    I’ve just purchased AdGuard for Windows I too do not see any floating widget nor does AdGuard appear to be blocking apps. Same on Firefox. No VPN. Using Defender & MB (pro).
  6. Bastet

    Recommended filters

    Here’s what I’ve set: Base Filter. Mobile ads filter. Tracking protection filter. Annoyances filter. Warning removal filter. Spam 404. Safari filter. Anything else seems to go over the 50.000 limit.
  7. Bastet

    Difference AdGuard pro and premium

    AdGuard pro is an older version which still has the in-app ad block capabilities but is limited to 50.000 blockers. The premium upgrade from free gives more options to add your own blocked urls/ads but doesn’t block ads in apps & has several blockers each offering 50.000 blocked urls. I’ve...
  8. Bastet

    iOS12: Does Adguard still work?

    Works for me still.
  9. Bastet

    PSA: AdGuard Pro for iOS and Apple's policy regarding system-wide blocking

    The thing that potentially annoys me is that those who purchased Pro will have to repurchase (via in-app) any new device content blocker/in-app ad blocker when we move to the free AG. The free version is missing the blacklist feature, status & DNS settings. I did have an idea but it may not be...
  10. Bastet

    TIP - For all iOS users

    So you have to click purchase but once verified you can download the app (or any previous purchases) again for free. I certainly hope Apple changes this, it could lead to confusion for some users.
  11. Bastet

    [HOW TO] Block YouTube Adverts using Adguard Pro

    I found with or without your subscription AG blocked YouTube ads. Is there a specific video page where we can test the entry?
  12. Bastet

    [HOW TO] Block YouTube Adverts using Adguard Pro

    Thanks for this. Will test & post back.
  13. Bastet

    Bug report

    I have the same problem re: full/split tunnel mode & not being able to connect when on 4G/cellular. ID: 1573493 (most recent ‘test’). ID: 1864574 (first report). Also reported on GitHub.
  14. Bastet

    Bug report

    When you say you reset iOS did you reset the phone to factory default or just reset the settings?
  15. Bastet

    Filters - numbers limitation

    Yes, good question. Eventually we’ll end up having to disable more & more filters to keep under the limit which may end up allowing some ads through.
  16. Bastet

    Filters - numbers limitation

    I believe the limitation is down to Apple/iDevices rather than AdGuard.