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    [resolved] Amazon Kindle Software Updates Page Broken

    The following page is broken in that the software updates links on the left hand side of the page do not work with the Spyware & Tracking Filter enabled. I'm assuming you'll fix this but is there any update on a version of the Chrome extension that allows the user to selectively switch...
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    Blocking on

    As you're well aware the DuckDuckGo search engine is all about privacy. However, the Adguard Chrome extension apparently blocks some js when performing a search. The filtering log doesn't really help very much - can someone explain what is being blocked and why? I'm using English Filter...
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    [resolved] British Telecom site broken

    Hi, Problem with this site - - none of the menu 'headers' in the blue bar at the top of the page respond when clicked... ...and this one - - Hitting the 'Login to Email' button gets no response. Problem is instantly solved by...
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    Brief ad appearance

    Nothing to lose sleep over - just a niggle. On this page: ...there's an ad that appears on the lower left hand side. I can block it myself but it makes a brief re-appearance when clicking on a...
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    Settings Explanation

    Newbie question time: 1) Can you explain exactly what 'Activate the most appropriate filters automatically' does? 2) Is having the 'Spyware and tracking filter' turned on likely to slow down or even break some sites? Thanks