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  1. Tribulatio

    No longer working since upgrade to v. 2

    I have been using Adguard for nearly 18 months, and it has always worked fine. No longer since I upgraded to v. 2 two weeks ago, however. Although the Adguard Assistant is activated, the stats remain to zero—no blocked trackers, no blocked ads, etc. Before the upgrade, there was a constantly...
  2. Tribulatio

    Some trackers not blocked?

    I continue with my initial experiences with AdGuard - I have the app installed on my Mac. As I understand the way AdGuard is working, it should stop all trackers, right? Unless, of course, I "whitelist" a page or site. To a large extent it seems to be working properly - except for Google...
  3. Tribulatio

    AdGuard app and Cliqz browser

    As mentioned in another post, I am new to AdGuard: I have been testing it for three days on my Mac. I have downloaded and installed the app Today, I have only opened Cliqz browser. I have noticed something puzzling: while with other browsers I do constantly see an increase in the number of ads...
  4. Tribulatio

    Still no support for Opera Neon?

    Currently testing AdGuard. I have noticed that it does not seem to have any control over Opera Neon. I have seen that there had been a few threads on the topic on this forum, including one a year ago stating that support for Opera Neon would come with the next update, but this is apparently not...