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    AG - 6.4, 7.1, 7.2

    Hello, Is there a way for me to go from AG 7.1 to AG 6.4? Too many problems with 7.1, none of this happened in 6.4:
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    [Resolved]AdGuard 7.1.2817 - Live Functions Losing Connection

    Hello, Live functions of websites are losing connection when a filter is updated or when AG is disabled/enabled. When a filter is checked for an update, if there is no available update, then this problem does not occur. Twitch chat, sometimes Twitch live stream, and HTML5 multiplayer games are...
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    AdGuard 7.0.2693.6661 - Network Connectivity Problem

    Hello, Whenever the AdGuard Base Filter is updated, perhaps others too, Firefox seems to lose connection with internet. I then close Firefox, open task manager but can see Firefox threads still there. I try to relaunch Firefox but it does not respond. Threads are now gone after a popup window...