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    Bank website keeps redirecting

    I can't access my bank website it keeps on refreshing the website automatically, when i turn off adguard it works normally. Please fix, Thanks
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    Adguard stable release

    My adguard is all of a sudden giving this weird ADDRESS_INVALID errors on chrome and other applications are not working when I have adguard on., Please help. Thanks
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    How to revert to stable release?

    Hey, I've noticed nightly versions have tons of bugs, how do I go back to stable without losing my personal stuff?
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    Ad through YouTube

    Hey, I've already seen this hbo portugal ad twice, how to fix this? Thanks
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    How to turn off adguard protection when on a website?

    How do I turn it off when i open Thanks
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    [Resolved] help blocking a script from website

    This is the script, how do i block this in adguard for windows? Thanks. <script src="/tema/blockadblock.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> function adBlockDetected() { document.getElementById("vbplayer_02").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("vplayer_02").style.display...