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    battery usage

    when i'm with wifi connection, adguard affects battery for just 1% (reading the statistics on the default lollipop battery screen) and i like it so much :D but when i'm with 3g data i noticed that adguards consumes much more, and it's absolutely the app that uses most battery, even more than...
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    why i like adguard

    i opened this topic just to tell the reasons why i like adguard for android: 1) works without root. i'm not a nerd/geek/hacker, i'm really a failure in modding so i can't root my phone, so it's very important that adguard doesn't need it 2) creates a vpn. i like that, because before installing...
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    Lollipop issue

    yesterday i updated my phone to the new android 5.0, and browser filtering doesn't work anymore. i'm using chrome. possible solutions?
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    bandwith saved

    just a little question: the bandwith saved on the main screen of the app is expressed in "Mb". They're really Megabits or instead they're MegaBytes (so "MB", with B capital letter)?
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    App filtering

    Please, add the filtering also for the Android apps! I hate so much all those ads... You did a great job with browser filtering, now it's time for apps. In your website you state that the premium version of adguard for Android allows to block app ads, but it's not true (I tried the premium...