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  1. philibeur

    Aguard 7.4 nightly 18 No longer starts minimizing in the systray but full open.

    Aguard 7.4 nightly 18 No longer starts minimizing in the systray but full open at windows start.
  2. philibeur

    [Resolved]Https filtering error, connexion impossible https site, edge android, build 3.4 nightly 16.

    Hello, https web site won't load with https filtering activated on edge android, adguard build 3.4 nightly 16.
  3. philibeur

    Android Error of HTTPS filtering - Google Agenda sync Blocked

    Notification error: Synchronization of Google Agenda does not accept our certificate for You can ignore such errors for this application or domain. Meanwhile, i have disable filtering of Google Agenda.
  4. philibeur

    ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error in Edge Android

    I have this error "ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED" in Edge with Aguard v3.4 nightly 7 (23) (and previous version) on Samsung A7 (2018) with Android 9 up-to-date. Always i open a link or open edge with a web page previously open ex: link.
  5. philibeur

    [Resvoled]Adguard service stop working.

    I have an error notification and the Adguard service stop working when the settings page of the Bookmark sidebar addon is open in Edge Chromium. Edge version: 79.0.309.30 Adguard version: 7.3 nightly 12 Bookmark sidebar version: 1.17.0 Url issue...
  6. philibeur

    Issue to instal the last update nightly

    Hello, i have an issue with the last nightly update, the update loop and does not instal , i use the setup for make AdGuard updated. I use Eset and Chrome on windows 10 64bits. No error with previous update.