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    Bulk change settings not working for data where screen is off

    Hi, the very useful feature allowing me to block internet activity when the screen is off has stopped working. I repeatedly change the status to "disabled" for both wifi and cellular data and seems to maybe work for a while then stops again, as revealed in the filtering log. I have also blocked...
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    Android phones harvesting cell-tower location data

    Hi, in relation to the recent revelations that Android has been harvesting location data from phones even with location switched off, I was wondering if Adguard firewall could help in blocking the app/s Android is using to collect and/or transmit this information? Do you know whether other apps...
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    Recommended VPN

    Are you able to recommend a VPN service that works well with Adguard for Android? What are your views on using Adguard with a VPN? Thanks
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    "Android OS" - want to be able to use firewall to disable its internet access

    v2.5.70 According to Adguard, the Android Operating System has swallowed 7.5 gigs of data over the last month! I don't have backup enabled or anything else I can think of which would cause such a big drain. I don't really know why this is happening, but I have to stop it. The option in the...