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  1. Cister

    Adguard for Windows ans DNS

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.
  2. Cister

    Adguard for Windows ans DNS

    Hi! everyone. I am with Adguard for Windows 7.5 Nightly 2. The new DNS is activated with Adguard Server. Could you tell me if the protection is better with DNS and Adguard for Windows. The filters in Adguard for windows are still working? Excuse my poor english. Thank you.
  3. Cister

    AdGuard for Windows 7.1.2817 Release

    For me, Adgard 6.4 is working fine on Youtube with QUIC Protocol disabled on Chrome 70, but not if enabled.
  4. Cister

    WFP driver caused issue of being unable to access router settings + loading of certain websites

    Hello, I run on my Windows 10-1809 Adgard for Windows with WFB driver and also Emsisoft without any issue since many years.
  5. Cister

    AdGuard for Windows version 6.0

    Hello, Adguard is gold. I feel well protected.
  6. Cister

    AdGuard becoming to busy and bloated?

    Hello everyone. I just want to say that I love Adgard. In one, we have all what we need for a fine and secure experience of Internet. This is my only one extension and it is good for my three broswers. I feel very secure with Adgard Pro and all is working in oïl with Emsisoft. Excuse my poor...