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    Glad I Have AdGuard

    After having enjoyed utilizing it for a long time now, I just want to say: "I'm glad I have AdGuard!" :) It is so effective, I also want to give a big "Thank you!" to the developers.
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    AdGuard Monitoring the Outgoing SMTP Server of my ISP

    Hello, I just noticed AdGuard is checking the SMTP server of my ISP. It showed on the incoming/outgoing graph of my free firewall GlassWire. I had gone there to see if my email was being send which was still in my Outbox. It is still in that box, and does not appear as being send, at least it is...
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    Speedtest by Ookla Blocked from Working

    My reason for starting this thread and what I wrote below was all based on me not knowing yet that Speedtest by Ookla only works in my Chrome browser after I refresh the Speedtest page once. It has nothing to do with AdGuard I found it in the mean time, as this is so with Browsing Protection...
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    Return AdGuard to DEFAULT settings

    To return Adguard to default settings: Right-click on Adguard icon in tray, choose 'Advanced' -> 'Reset settings to defaults'.
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    Suggestion: Add "Set to Default Settings"

    Hi! The issues I had after checking a few extra options, and the somewhat laborious solution, are described here: So may I suggest a "Default settings" or "Restore to default settings" button or check box...