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    Adblock detection not permis to watch broadcasts..
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    [Resolved] Adtrack detection cause website work slow rate. Its refresh content 30 sec. must be 3 second normal as without adtrack detection and; refresh content 60 seccond and it must be 15 second as normal.
  3. S adblocker detection
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    Screen paused with Disable My Adblocker Warning text.
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    Screen freezen after warning with all blue screen.
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    Adblockers not allowed.
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    Captcha not load disable Adblock!
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    ad text with black screen
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    [Resolved] ads videoplay backround still with terrible sound With this rule i could prevent video but its play as backround becouse its sounds always work with loud i also make this rules to prevent that sound ads but it prevevent only visual...
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    [-] hide dll link with brief ad intruction.
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    Flash side big blank if on and if off Flash open first add pages needs wait 15seconds or skips to adds than start load the game but its not passed 1st phase with add guard protection on blank flash side fix it pls...
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    Unblock need pls..
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    [Resolved] After stage done waiting 15 sec for adds.