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    Best Firestick VPN

    I am Using PureVPN with my firestick device and its quite compatible with amazon fire tv stick, surely recommend it
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    High CPU when Windscribe browser plugin enabled

    I am also using the latest version of adguard but with ExpressVPN. I have Windscribe VPN too but its free version. I want to check it on this premium version too.
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    Is AdGuard Pro not compatible with any VPN apps?

    Dragonjuni I am also using Astrill VPN and it is compatible with adguard.
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    NordVPN and Adguard

    NordVPN has been hacked and many review websites have removed this VPN from their Top ranking list. I would recommend you to use Surfshark VPN because it offers amazing features to its users with blazing fast speed at very affordable price. Check out its all features in detail here.
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    How to use Nordvpn with adguard - Non rooted

    Don't you know that NordVPN has been hacked and many review websites have been deleted Nord from their Top 5 or 10 ranking list? This is confirmed news. So, you must switch to another VPN that works with adguard. Visit unbiased VPN reviews and explore 150+ VPNs with their pricing and details by...
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    How to use AG & another app's VPN at the same time?

    I had the same question. Although, I am a PIA VPN user that's why there is no issue for me about SOCK5S proxy because PIA already offers this protocol. I googled about a guide but not found the exact result. Please share it with me if you receive it.
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    Best USA VPN

    I must say, VPN has become a very important need for netizens. I use VyprVPN for my online security and streaming purpose.
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    Best Firestick VPN

    I recently bought a new firestick device, now I am looking forward to the best VPN for Amazon Firestick. Which VPN should I go for safe and secure streaming on firestick? Some of the firestick apps are also geo-blocked. Which VPN can unblock apps for firestick? Which one is more secure need...
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    yts torrent sites

    It's better to use a VPN for torrenting and stay safe. I would recommend going for Surfshark as their servers are P2P optimized. You can also read a detailed guide on how to be safe when torrenting.
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    The truth behind VPN protection

    You are spot On.
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    EasyCrypt – perfect email privacy service

    I have got the Adguard extension for chrome, do i need to make a purchase as well?
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    Cloudflare violates users privacy

    Oh, okay that is clear enough, thanks @Frawas.
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    General NEED 4 SPEED

    Any one watched the video of the Kawasaki H2 clocking 400km/hr.
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    The General Music Topic (News, Videos, Discussion, etc.)

    I know it is pretty old but a current favorite Hotel California- Eagles.
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    The General Music Topic (News, Videos, Discussion, etc.)

    I am glad this thread came up, always good to share and listen to new music.
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    Cloudflare violates users privacy

    i did not understand what do you mean when you say Adguard shouldn't use their service for this reason.
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    Highest Level Domain - You have come across

    I think so far i have not, but even if by chance i had one, i guess did not notice.
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    General Safe-Guarding YOURSELF ONLINE

    that is well explained. And yes i could not digest it could be that simple to get attacked.
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    Facebook app Suggested Posts

    Those ads are very annoying now.
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    Question about filters

    Have not tried on the ios yet, will have to check this feature out.