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  1. SudoMo

    Conflicting CSP injection

    Hi there, as I recently read in the ghacks repository, CSP injections can only be applied by one party. "CSP: When multiple extensions use CSP injection to modify headers, only one wins and predicting the winner is like rolling a dice. Some CSP items (this is not an exhaustive list) to be...
  2. SudoMo

    Does AG Android bypass "Private DNS" on Android 9+ devices?

    Dear members, I would like to know if AG Android bypasses "Private DNS" on Android 9+ devices? a) Private DNS active / AG DNS active b) Private DNS active / AD DNS deactivated As AG uses a onsystem VPN, I would guess that it will bypass the system set Private DNS. Just want to be sure whether...
  3. SudoMo

    block all google traffic

    Hi, I want to block all traffic to google etc. with wildcards. ||*google*^$important Problem is - Even though I'm using such filters - the DNS log writes a different story. How could this be solved? Syntax? Thanks in advance
  4. SudoMo

    [Resovled]AdGuard Home & cname cloaking

    Hi folks, I would like to know wether AdGuard Home already features the circumvention of cname cloaking. Thanks ahead S
  5. SudoMo

    Exception rules for Decentraleyes

    Hi, I would like to know, if one has to consider the instructions by Decentraleyes considering the usage of uBlock/uMatrix. Does one also has to "whitelist" these...
  6. SudoMo

    Cname Cloaking - Current State?

    Hi, as published on 20th Nov. 2019 Adguard startet working on the Cname cloaking problem. Disguised Trackers - Adguard Blog What is the current state of implementation in Adguard Windows? Mac? iOS ? Android? 1) As described it's covered by the Adguard-DNS-Servers. How exhaustive is the...
  7. SudoMo

    Startlink: Leads to: Is blocked by Peter Lowe's list But then: The link just shows up again ...