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  1. Adam adblock detect

    If first rule works fine, then you don't need to check other rules. I will add this rule to annoyances filter, update should be available in 1-2 hours. Thank you for checking it.
  2. Adam adblock detect

    Thank you. Could you please check one of these rules:, 'atob'); or"prevent-addEventListener", "/load|error/", ".head.removeChild(") or"prevent-setTimeout"...
  3. Adam adblock detect

    Unfortunately I can't reproduce any anti-adblock notice on this website (checked on Android and Windows). Could you please make a screenshot?
  4. Adam

    Facebook still show ads

    I mean that those ads/sponsored posts are blocked/hidden by AdGuard, so I don't see them.
  5. Adam

    Facebook still show ads

    Unfortunately I can't reproduce those ads either (I checked it with new Facebook interface).
  6. Adam

    Help for rule.

    Something like this should remove this text:{var a=document.querySelector("#search-text-input");if(a){var b=new...
  7. Adam

    AG slowing Facebook Newsfeed

    On my end it works better if I add these rules to user filter:,facebookcorewwi.onion#@%#!function(){var e=new MutationObserver(function(){document.querySelectorAll('[id^="substream"] > div:not(.hidden_elem) div[id^="hyperfeed_story_id"]').forEach(function(e){function...
  8. Adam

    AdGuard dosen't block ads on sites with a prefix of "ww."

    Done -
  9. Adam

    Bank website keeps redirecting

    It works fine on my end after adding these rules: @@||^$extension @@||^$stealth Please restart web browser and check again. If problem will still occur, please try to disable extension and stealth module in AdGuard settings and then check if it...
  10. Adam

    Bank website keeps redirecting

    Could you please check these rules (please add them to user filter): @@||^$extension @@||^$stealth If it will still not work, please remove first rule and check this one: @@||^$elemhide,jsinject,extension
  11. Adam

    [Resolved] 'Promoted' posts on Reddit Mobile pages.

    I can't reproduce it too.
  12. Adam

    [Resolved] disable adblocker

    It has been fixed today - Also, as far as I know, most of devs are on holidays now, so it may take more time to fix issue than usual.
  13. Adam

    [Resolved] Quora Login Popup Not Removed

    This rule should works fine:{function b(){"none"}function c(){"block"}var a=document.querySelector('div[id$="_signup_wall_wrapper"]'),d=document.querySelector('div[id$="_signup_wall_wrapper"]...
  14. Adam

    [Resolved] Quora Login Popup Not Removed

    I think that it's not so bad, usually if someone clicking on "Sign in" button, means that want to sign in, but maybe later I will fix it. Regarding removing cookies, seems that this rule works: ||^$cookie=/^m-b\$/ but it also breaks "Sign in" button.
  15. Adam

    [Resolved] Quora Login Popup Not Removed

    I have a JS rule in my notes. It seems that it works fine in case of mobile website, but in case of desktop website, after clicking on "Sign in" button, it's impossible to close overlay.{function b(){"none"}function c(){"block"}var...
  16. Adam

    [*] ( clone mirror)

    I can't reproduce it and with AdGuard Annoyances filter enabled I'm automatically redirected to I might be wrong, but in this case there may be a conflict with AdsBypasser userscript.
  17. Adam

    Block ad embedded within a webplayer?

    I can't reproduce this ad break, it's fixed by this rule on my end...
  18. Adam

    [Resolved] help blocking a script from website

    I can't reproduce popups on, but fixed popups from video player - Update should be available in 1-2 hours.
  19. Adam


    Works fine on my end. Is it caused by filters or maybe by stealth mode (if enabled) or installed extensions?
  20. Adam

    [Resolved] [NSFW]

    Ok, thank you for your answer. Added this rule, update should be available in 1-2 hours. You can try to use rule like that: @@||$ and if it will not work, then please report it to us, so we can try to help.