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    sonyliv app videos not working

    videos in sonly liv app do not load when adguard is enabled, mobile ads filter seems to be cusing it, not sure which though. videos only load when adguard is disabled.
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    [*] not working

    Hi does not work when adguard is enableld, works fine with adguard disabled.
  3. V Video Block

    I wanted a filter to block the video in an example url..
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    [Resolved] Adblock banner in Newsnow

    Adblock detected banner in
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    Ads in Cricbuzz app

    seeing ads in cribuzz app. Screenshot attached
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    [*] Bing Ads

    Seeing Ads on bing.
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    Ad Block detected.
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    AdGuard Pro -- Not blocking Angry Birds Ads

    Using Many apps with my Iphone 7, everything is blocked by Adguard Pro except nasty video ads in Angry Birds. Please check.
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    Unable to send messages from Outlook

    Hi team, Just noticed that I have problems sending emails when vpn option is turned on. Got this problem on outlook..please check on priority.
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    Colombia not blocked
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    [*] economictimes
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    [*] adblock detected

    ad block detected message on link
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    [Resolved] Boincstats Ad Block detected gettting message on the top of the page syaing ad block detected.
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    Ad Bloock message on
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    Ads on the site
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    [Resolved] Ads on the top and right
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    [Resolved] Error in

    Hi, getting error while playing videos in and video position as well.
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    [Resolved] not working

    Hi, I cannot view videos on example does not work with adguard enabled,works fine with adguard disabled. Filters used English,Spyware,Social,Malware Domains,Perbake and Anti ad blockkiller by reek.
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    A Few Observations for

    Installed Adguard RC.. so far so good everything seems to be working fine. However here are few things that i think needs to be corrected. First and foremost the password protection feature shows password when typed this should be rectified immediately to "***" while typing the password...
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    Ablitiy to block websites without the advanced option.

    hi, I want adguard to block malicious websites without displaying the advanced option as show in the image below. clicking on advanced gives the option of visiting the website, which i don't want.