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    YouTube Ads with AdGuard DNS

    which domain?
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    still a bad implementation @avatar reading on telegram you have a plan for hardware implementation??
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    very bad implementation then.. but as i know ( CMIIW), ARP poisoning is only work with unencryrpted traffic. then eblocker can not block https traffic.
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    is it work as advertised? we do not have to set everything? i am intereted about how they reroute all the traffic to eblocker machine
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    [bug] NSFW

    hello everyone, long time no posting in this forum.. been very busy last year i'm still using adguard and see this link for example will work if adguard is disabled and videos thumbnails in first page will disappear with adguard on i...
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    indonesian website NSFW adguard 6.2 latest beta filters english, spyware, social media and abpindo.
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    [AdGuard DNS] Beta

    could you add another port to cater some countries that redirect port 53? thx
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    not compatible with palemoon

    hello , i want to report that firefox extension is not compatible with the latest palemoon 25.6
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    Exception didn't went through

    shortstory is i frequently go to the below site and i want to add exception to it when i add exception. my user filter get @@||$document in it but the ads still haven't appeared anyway to make it appear? now i use...
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    Welcome AdGuard Assistant displaying on many pages

    several times avatar, and random sites. i don't remember the exact one.
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    seems to be fixed. thanks avatar :)
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    seems like we need avatar to do some explanation here :) why there is so many on whitelist
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    [resolved] ads adguard filter
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    fix browsing security module this site is the most popular site in indonesia. and i don't see malware there. please fix yahoo mail indonesia website. i don't think it is phising or something...
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    missed ads filter
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    ok removed. thx alex
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    seems good. but there whitespace left. please hide it :) edit: too early to say good. still some ads after this rule being added
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    missed ads Filter
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    AdGuard for Android 1.0 beta version

    I'm waiting for linux too, then i can ditch windows :)